About Us!

Jim Tournas D/B/A Totally Galactic Comics new title “Jetta Raye Adventures” continues, with all new art and stories, the “Jetta” comic books of Ned Pines’ 1952 Standard comics.

“Jetta”, drawn by the late Dan DeCarlo, before he brought his art style to Archie comics, was about Jetta Raye and her teenage friends. Consisting of three books numbered #5,6 and 7, to make buyers think it was an ongoing series at the time, “Jetta” was in competition with Archie comics.  Archie was one of the most sold comics at the time. 


Totally Galactic’s first limited edition book was “Jetta Raye Adventures” 108 page Hardcover with two Joe Sinnott Variants.

We are also producing the Jetta Raye Adventures the comic book, this will also be crowdfunded. Watch our home page for news.