Jimmy T will be at Rhode Island Comic Con November 4-6th 2022

Stop by for books, art, and to say, “HI!”.  I love seeing people at the shows!

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Jetta Raye fun covers!

Jetta Raye Adventures the comic book #1 regular cover by Jeff Shultz and Jim Tournas.
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JETTA RAYE ADVENTURES The hardcover books are here!!!

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Among those contributing to this series are,  Chris Yambar, Matthew Manning, Craig Boldman, Angelo DeCesare, Paul Kupperberg, the legendary artist Joe Sinnott, Marvel Artist/Editor Al Milgrom, Tim and Pat Kennedy, Jeff Shultz, Bill Walko, Jim Tournas, Mark Sinnott, Rich Maurizio and Ken Wheaton,  Each creator has been involved with renowned properties, including, Spider-man, Superman, Batman, Archie, The Simpsons, Looney Tunes, Animaniacs, Popeye and Peanuts to name a few.

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