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I’m Jimmy T, your ultimate guide to all the mind-blowing Jetta Raye Adventures. Buckle up and get ready to embark on epic journeys across galaxies alongside Jetta Raye and her extraordinary crew – Hilaria, Biff, Gizmo, and Arky. Prepare to be thrilled, entertained, and amazed beyond your wildest imagination. From unpublished treasures to original artwork, this is your hub for all things Jetta Raye.  Let the exhilarating Jetta Raye Adventures begin!  Issue #3 cover preview by Jeff Shultz/ Andrew Pepoy coming soon.

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We are busy putting together some Jetta Raye stories for more fun and adventure!

Fear the Funhouse Toybox of Terror #1

Archie Comics, Limited Edition, Fear the Funhouse Toybox of Terror Harrison’s Virgin Variant #1 with cover by Jimmy Tournas limited to 250 copies

. Set in Riverdale, this is a terrifying anthology containing three stories of Dolls, Robots, and Puppets gone cookoo!

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