Jetta Raye

A junior at Neutron high school is the main character of the series and is the natural leader of the group.  If there is an old lady crossing the skywalk, Jetta would be the first to offer assistance.  She is a bit naive but has a strong character.  Although many guys flock to her, Jetta’s heart is with Arky.

Astra Raye

Jetta’s cousin from Saturn’s moon Mimas.  She is a scholar and works for the interplanetary space force.


A sport’s minded klutz.  Jetta is crazy over him, even though he can be completely clueless when it comes to his relationship with her.


When it comes to inventions and technology, Gizmo is a scientific prodigy.  He’s constantly coming up with gadgets.  His inventions are usually fantastic.  He is shy and introverted when it comes to girls, but is great friends with Jetta while having a secret crush on Hilaria.


An all-around sportsman of the group.  Biff dates many girls but still vies for Jetta’s affections.  Biff is known for being vain and sometimes totally obnoxious.


Jetta’s friend.  Being slightly envious of the attention Jetta gets from the gang, may lead to her sometimes mischievous deeds.